Always growing organic

At Barefoot Blonde Farms, the primary focus is balancing rapid growing time, space efficiency, conservation of resources, the amazing nutritional value of Microgreens, sprouts, Hemp, and the undeniable value of nature for all things put in and on the body. 

The farm grows plant inventory in an NSF approved grow room and sun grown plants outdoors on an organic homestead property in Wisconsin to supply high quality products.  The environment in which the greens are grown is completely climate controlled resulting in top quality and high yields.  


From seed to body our hemp has come in contact with less than 5 people! Our hemp has been grown using native farming practices in our very own soil mix on certified organic land.  Grower and owner, Sasha Butinas, personally ensures a negative carbon footprint follows every harvest.    


The Hemp plant can be our way out of many of today’s agricultural planetary struggles if grown responsibly. 100% sustainability is behind every products.  Little to zero waste factor; always giving back more than we take.  This practice will continue at Barefoot Blonde Farms in all aspects of growing and manufacturing. This is our promise to you and to our planet.  

Gardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, because too many hopes and dreams are yet to be realized.

-Allan Armitage

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Please check out our awesome blog on this site to get the most information on hemp, microgreens, gardens, sustainable fashion, for amazing recipes, and kitchen know-how.  We will be touching on planet conscious topics and the latest (and oldest) of information regarding all-to-do with our Earth.  You will also find easy to understand material on exactly what plants contain and the natural science of why/how our bodies benefit from plants.  How our homes and planet benefit from plants!  Join in the forums in which to speak of your growing experiences and knowledge.  Here you can find tips and ask questions.  We aim to get back to the basics!