Going Blonde!


In today's terms we are an Urban Farm. We have over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry creating and serving many different cuisines. With an emphasis on freshness, nutrition, and food quality we have extended our voices and knowledge within and beyond our surrounding areas to help with getting back to the basics of eating well, eating like royalty, eating for life, and eating your way out of illness.  And now, taking control of your medicinal future.

Our products are plants. We work ethically to supply greens and conduct annual workshops of a unique design. We provide to restaurants, local grocers, at Farmer's Markets, and coming soon to road side stands throughout Southern Wisconsin.

We pay homage to the ORIGINAL barefoot blonde who started all this, our Golden Retriever Burk. He spent many hours with the crops, eating the harvest, and loving the summer winds along side us.  We hope you love our greens as much as Burk did.  
We offer some of the best organic hemp in the region in smokable, teas, oils, and soon in cosmetics and textiles/clothing.  Online store coming soon to this website!  Our superior quality soil mix will be available 2021!
Our quality is unsurpassed. We look forward to sharing our passion with you.