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What we offer

Your organic hemp is here

The 2020 grow season blessed us with mountains of high CBD, terpene rich, gorgeous hemp flowers.  We offer flowers in tea blends, smokable, and formulated oil in dropper bottles.  We will be expanding to offer clothing, skin care, and cosmetics in the 2021 season.  Please follow our new blog to read the fully transparent information we will offer for both our products and cannabis in general.  Sign up to be a member anytime you are ready.  If you are feeling ambitious about hemp farming on your own you may request a consult for a very information packed, reasonably priced time frame for pure education and a quick start.


Grown for personal and commercial culinary use, and sold in bulk for restaurant needs.  We can customize a grow for you if there is a particular microgreen you are interested in.  These requests can be an additional 7-14 day grow time after ordering.  We stay local because our top priority is to ensure freshness of your orders.  All orders will be honored with free delivery. 


You can find us at Lake Geneva Farmer's Market on Thursdays 8am-1pm from May till October at the beautiful Horticultural Hall, 330 Broad St., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.


For those who cannot make it out on a Thursday, Barefoot Blonde Farms Microgreens are also always freshly stocked at the local Piggly Wiggly in Lake Geneva in the produce section!


Garden Design and Plant Sales 

Seasonally we will offer seedlings for your outdoor gardens for Midwest zones 5-6.  We have resources to help with garden design and companion planting if you need the help.  Annually workshop weekends will be held on site.  These events are extremely unique.  When we schedule them you will see why!


Barefoot Blonde Farms is proud to reveal a new product!  We will have an amazing soil mix filled with nutrients and compost to kick start any indoor or outdoor plants, specialty crop, or garden beds.  Available 2021.

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